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Sep. 23rd, 2009


whoo buddy. school is bo-rang.
the band sang hey baby to me the other morning and i don't think i've ever blushed that much. ever. it was terrible LOL....... yeahhh.

i lost my camera. sad sad day. i haven't been able to find it for a while. :( look harder!



Aug. 23rd, 2009

So how bout that life.

Wow school starts tomorrow morning. I'm almost done with Brave New World and it was really an awesome book. As for this summer, it couldn't have been better. I can easily say this is the best summer i've ever had. I met a lot of new people, got to know people I hadn't before, and just had the biggest blast in the whole world. Pink and purple hair, I will miss you. YOU WILL NOT DIE IN VAIN.

In fact, there are still bits of pink in the bottom of my hair because I ran out of dye while i was dying it.

Also since the soap cap had absolutely no effect on my durable, invincible pink hair whatsoever, I basically dyed over straight, bright, vibrant pink. Not bad, eh? It was a loooot darker in regular lighting--that picture is kinda in sunlight, I thought i had dyed my hair black on accident LOL. I'm mostly proud because i was able to do this by myself... which will make things soo much easier on ed. haha. :D

I rewatched lord of the rings recently and am in love with it all over again. I wish I had more spare time, then I could nerd it up with looking stuff up about it online... but I'll wait until I have my AWESOME new studio xps computer. :) Oh, did I mention, yeah, 5 gigs of ram. *whoop whoop!* sound blaster speakers *yeahhh!!!... whatever that means but it sounds badass!!* but I didn't get to get a color. :( just black... too expensive otherwise. Also it doesn't come with a disc drive, which was also too expensive for me. I have to buy it seperately pretty soon. 90 bucks. Speaking of money. YES! FINALLY! I made almost 100 dollars in the past two days at work, I am HIGHLY pleased. Work *for once* has put me in such a good mood it's kind of scary. But hey the customers like it LOL, and they've been really great too so hoorah for that.

I want to make a giant huge disneyworld post as soon as I can get clare to get me her pictures. XD;; we'll work on that.

So like, I've been thinking about stuff lately, and I decided that I'm going to try, really really hard, to not care if someone doesn't like me. Obviously there's going to be people that don't like people. duh. but it always distressed me because i just want everyone to be happy but that is utterly impossible. So yeah. Hate me I don't care. I've also got a big self-esteem boost which is good. I'm not afraid to admit that I like myself. It's like, it's cool to be modest to the extreme or whatever, but sometimes it CAN be annoying because it gets to the point where you won't appreciate what ANYONE has to say. Then again, flaunty attention starved annoying bimbos *lolwut* frustrate the hell out of well, almost everyone, but that's different. I'm just sayin' that i think i'm a pretty cool dude and if you disagree then i don't need you! @~@

This school year looks pretty promising, but i'm pretty ready to get. it. over. with. THEN I'M GOING TO MOVE TO AUSTIN. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I wish everyone could comprehend how psyched I am for that. Ugh. yes. yesyesyes. Okay. I don't really have that much more to say so i'm leaving okaybye.

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Jul. 8th, 2009

My first necklace

i made my very first necklace ever today. :3

itty bitty macaron with whipped cream dollops and little pink rhinestones.

i love it.
i'm trying to sell some at $15 each. with shipping. :( i dunno where to advertise it though, i've been posting on some selling lj communities but hardly anyone reads them since they're mostly people spamming their stuff 24/7 so it's all the same... any suggestions? :/ i want to make some money for disney. *which is in less than a month!*

Jul. 2nd, 2009

Patrick Wolf

wowie. that was so by far the best concert i've ever been to in my life. patrick wolf was so fucking amazing and gorgeous and talented and cute and dreamy. wowowowow. i don't even know where to start. oh. wait. let me start with the douchebag homos that squeezed in front of us before the concert. Yeah, some little short ugly gay guy was like rubbing up on my ass trying to squeeze in front of me and i was getting really pissed off and he like went around in front of clare and pushed in front of her to "talk" to these girls in front of us and we got SUPER pissed, because he got his six foot something friend RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME SO I COULDN'T SEE. we were like wow what the fuck and when clare said something about it he was like "w/e get over it" and it was SO rude. we could tell the tall guy was nice and felt bad, so a lot later after them being more douches i like poked the tall guy and i was like ";~; i can't see the stage at all, can we please, pleease switch spots i won't even be in your way TT~TT!" and i looked like i was about to cry lmao and he almost said no but he switched me and clare too so we could see yayy!! they brought their chick friend in later that was thrashing all up in my junk and finally taylor danced back like on her and she stopped LOOOOL! anyways now that that's out of the way.....

it's not sweat, it's gold glitter. isn't he dreeeeeeeeeeamyyyy? *~*

stop drooling!Collapse )

so yeah... did i mention, i held his hand, for like, 10 fucking seconds alone? hahahaha.. ha. hahha. it was hot and awesome. i was reaching my hand up there and he grabbed it and like smiled at me and i was like.... "*HUGE FUCKING GRIIIIIIIIIIIN*" it was AMAZING!! we were like one row of people from the stage, so yeah. He totalllyyy smiled at clare too. XDDD too bad she didn't get to touch him. ;_; next time!!
oh man he was so arrogant but it was totally okay. LOL i'm pretty sure he's like my ideal boyfriend minus arrogance... crazy, cute, eccentric, badass, dreamy and just weird. *SIGH* i got my share of fangirl yesterday.

and now it's off to the lake!!

p.s. here's a video of him just.. moving pretty much LOL...

Jun. 30th, 2009

Typing my anxiety away

holy shit you guys omgomgomgomg i am freaking out so bad because holy crap tomorrow is July 1st and i had absolutely completely positively no earthly idea it was already that time because that is when the patrick wolf concert is and i have gorgeous beautiful ticket stubs that i will take a picture of tomorrow because i love them so completely and dearly and holy shit i hope i can get off work to go to the concert because i want, nay, NEED, to go!


i went to the orthodontist on monday at 10:30 am and holy crap i had a teeth cleaning with the dentist at 2:30 that afternoon and it was an awful dental day, but anyways, he said that since i would be gone august 1-8 or 9th ~can't remember~ that i would have to get my braces off august 11th and i got super upset but i was with my dad so i couldn't say anything cause he'd be like "omg why is it such a big deal jeez get over it" so i got all wah wah whiny and went home and told my mom and my mom was like "o hell no hunny we callin' him 2morrow" except less black and so after that stupid fat bitter bitch receptionist jackie that no one likes *very crude, but so true* was like "Well it's not up to you blahblahblah it's up to Dr. Walton i will ask him but she has not been wearing her rubberbands blahblahblah i'ma bitch." so my mom attacked dr. walton until he finally said yes!!! YEAHHHH! SO FREAKING EXCITED i get them off before disneyworld XDDD sooo been looking forward to that. i should get them off July 29th. And of course, my dad said this exactly "I don't see what the big deal is." ohh what did i say. that's coming from someone who had braces for freaking ever *headgear three times* so braces are like no biggie to him... i'm kinda glad my mom bitched him out though because wow he was such a little jerk to my dad the past couple times.


most run-on-fastest-typing sentences i have ever typed. I got all my silicone caulk and supplies for clay stuff the other day in austin so i proceeded to make macarons and whipped cream dollops~~~~

aren't they so adorably cute and delicious? the red ones with leaves are apples because that is so deliciously clever and awesome and i love them to death and it is so much fun. the sign is for the decoden community... they require it.

also here is a picture of my hair recently after i touched it up a few days ago *it already faded the purple did* and me making a really weird face idk. trying to get pictures while i still have it. dude i went to buy like color preserving shampoo/conditioner and i asked what the best kind was and the lady brought me the best kind and rung it up and i'm like dodododo~  ..." 75 dollars :)" me : OMG~WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~*BREEEATHE*AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~T??? it was SOOOO expensive so i just put it back and got a cheaper kind LOL isn't that crazy?

that was the most rushed and seemingly longest and runonest update i've ever typed for lj. i am just kind of freaking out about patriciicicickckck wooolf omg i do not know his new album i am such a goon.

Jun. 22nd, 2009

Pic Update and A-kon

just postin' some pics from the past few days and also a-kon pictures. c:

up up and away!! (/>.o)/~Collapse )

i also got a new bag!! look at how cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute it is! cutecutecutiecute!! i love it so much! it was only 18$~~~~ but i don't think it's authentic tokidoki.... I'M OK WITH THAT! that's about 110$ i'm saving! rofl <3

my little cotton candy earrings i made :) i wants to sell zem.

Jun. 21st, 2009


myyyyy bumbum hurrrrrrts. went out on the lake with the  jet ski with westin and hayley and it was a lot of fun but i sat on the back for the first time ever. ~Jacob usually sits there~ and wowie. waves + back of jet ski = ouch. i was wearing shorts too. TT~TT

i'm making little clay cotton candies... they're so kyoot! i'll take pictures soon. i hope to sell them soon enough!
i went to austin this past weekend cause mister veed said he wanted to hang out but i had like, 4 dollars and i was soo low on gas and he was on the other side of austin so it didn't really work out, and he tried to drive to other side but i was dumb and didn't check my phone and left already. it was a spacey day... i walked down the drag and got delicious strawberry bubble tea *yum~!* and ate and got lots of compliments and two high fives for my hair :3 then the creepy guy who invited clare and i to a party *even though we told him we were only 17* was like "YOU GET THE PRETTY LADY DISCOUNT" and i ran away so he wouldn't talk to me. ;~; * see clare he DOES do that to every young girl LOL*

happy dada day! ~my dada didn't even wanna go out of the house cause he had such a bad headache XD~


p.s.! JUNE is almost over!! that is crazy!! there's sooo much going on next week. 24th jay birthday fun, 25th bryan birthday, 26th sister birthday... eep! austin next weekend ~i hopes i have monies~ and 29th i have braces appointment which i will probably get yelled at by the meanie monster orthodontist because *even though i wear my rubber bands* my teeth refuse to move!

p.p.s. ed made me want to make a cake.

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Jun. 20th, 2009

Cops blow

yes cops suck.
not just because they bust parties.
because they're on a power trip and it almost seems like they're just TRYING to piss you off.
rachel's party last night.
hayley and i parked our cars maybe a block away.
cops call our parents trying to get ahold of us to ask us why are cars are there.
i called my mom to find out what's going on.
hayley leaves, talks to the cop and the cop asks her why our cars are parked "way out here" with us not in it.
1:15 a.m.
maybe it's just me.... but who sits in their car at 1:15 in the morning on the side of the road in almost the middle of nowhere?
finally everything worked out.. it's just like... what the fuck?
also, i hate living in a small town.. she recognized my car and that's how she knew to call my mom.
p.s. did i mention houston cops are racist as fuck?

assholes with nothing to do.

daye's party today. austin later. peace.

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Jun. 18th, 2009

Hair Dye Adventure Time

is time for hair dye adventure time!

here we go!Collapse )

8 very long and painful boring hours. but it was worth it. i had to stop talking in the later part of it in fear of further pissing ed off XD;; but i'm really glad we got it done and everything turned out ok~

i'm having really bad killer cramps though. ._.


Jun. 15th, 2009

To Austin and Beyond!

man oh man.
i got my piece of shit car back today. :) i officially named it Asshole 2 days ago. nehoo today i just hung out with annie mostly with joseph for a little bit. i learned how to make those bird beaks that my sister made that i used to love. and i know how to make a paper airplane now.

if i could ever describe me and my sister's relationship in a picture.... this would be it, hands down.

deja vu from that time with ed~Collapse )

god i love austin. no matter how much i go, i never get bored of it. ed's dying my hair pink and purple tomorrow, even though my family isn't too excited about it, i am. XD i'm going back to austin probably saturday *after daye's party!* to get silicone caulking for decoden stuffs and visit veed *cause apparently he works at home pedot!*

also, my car broke down like 10 minutes from bee cave last saturday. it was 105 degrees and i had to stand in it for about an hour because no one would stop and help me. finally this guy asked if i w
as ok and i got jumper cables from him but apparently something else was wrong. another guy stopped to help and we drove my car a little down the road to try to reach the mechanic *which i didn't make it to, car shut off again on the road* so we left it on the side while galen came to pick me up. it was a big mess, but the first guy made me feel better, he was a really goofy black guy and when he was talking about my battery being dead, he did a little jig when he said it was "draiiiined" haha. anyways, alternator is fixed and it's all good, got it back and life is great.


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